Twelfth Night Tour

Elsewhere Took this show on the road!

Elsewhere has always been a long-distance relationship, three people living in three different cities, converging in Richmond to produce shows.

…but one of our goals with Elsewhere has always been to spread the love of Shakespeare — by giving away our production resources and by showing people that you don’t need a lot of time, money, or education to produce some fun and engaging theatre. To that end, we’ve conceived of a tour that will enable us to collaborate with artists in Katie’s hometown of Columbia SC, and Hilary’s hometown of Northampton MA.

How’s it going to work?

In true Elsewhere fashion, we’ve cut Twelfth Night down to 90 minutes for a cast of seven. We’re performing once in Columbia (05/01), once in Richmond (05/29), and once in Northampton (07/03). Hilary, Katie, and Mac will be in all three shows, but we’ll cast four local actors in the other roles for each show.

With no director and most of the cast turning over as we move up the east coast, it should be an unpredictable mess of a run — just how we like it!



Hilary, Mac, and Katie will appear in each show as Viola, Sebastian/Malvolio, and Olivia!

Columbia’s Featured Artists

Richmond’s Featured Artists

Northampton’s Featured Artists


We’d like to send a huge “thank you” to the folks who helped get this tour off the ground:

Flit Photography, Jean Hegland, Matt Johnson, Leah MacDaniel, Grace Kuhn, Charlie Goodrich, Kim Lewis, Hannah Fontes, Mac MacDaniel


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