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90-MINUTE CUT OF Twelfth Night

Our Cut of Twelfth Night

The “Dame Tobi” Cut

This is a Google Doc with the script content. You will need to make a copy of the document in order to make any edits. Please do not request “edit access”, we will not grant it.

In one of the performances, the actor playing Toby Belch wanted to play the character as a woman, so there is also an identical cut with Sir Toby changed to Dame Tobi and her pronouns changed to she/her. We did not, however, change words like “madman,” or “kinsman.” The changes are very minor, but if your Toby wanted to play the character as a woman, the “Dame Tobi Cut” will save you a little bit of time.


Our doubling chart

This script is cut for a company of 7 actors.

All characters in the same color are played by the same actor. An X indicates the character is in the scene, an O indicates that the actor is in the scene playing a different character. The only unaccounted-for character is the Priest who marries Olivia and Sebastian. We asked for a volunteer from the audience to play that part with their line written on a cue card.


We performed this cut several times in the spring and summer of 2022.

We expanded the role of Feste and gave him the lines normally spoken by the Sea Captain in Act I, so Feste is aware of Viola’s identity from the beginning.

We cut Antonio.

If you double the roles as we have, there are some very quick changes, several times one actor exiting a scene is their own cue to enter as another character. We were able to make it work, but your mileage may vary.

We volunteered a member of the audience to play the Priest who marries Sebastian and Olivia at the end of Act IV, so the Priest is not listed on the doubling chart.

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