The Play’s The Thing: A Beginner’s Guide To Seeing and Enjoying Shakespeare

About “The Play’s The Thing”

A beginner’s guide to seeing and enjoying live Shakespeare plays, written by Mac MacDaniel, the artistic director and founder of Elsewhere Shakespeare.

It’s an easy-to-read guide for those seeing their first Shakespeare play in a theatre. An introduction covers the basics of seeing live theatre in general as well as seeing Shakespeare specifically.

After the introduction is a two-page spread on each Shakespeare play, covering the basics of the plot and analyzing the most famous speech or moment in the play.

After the breakdown of individual plays, there is a list of some basic Shakespeare vocabulary and concepts.

Foreword by novelist Jean Hegland, author of “Into The Forest” and “Still Time.”

Where to Find “The Play’s The Thing”

Currently, the best place to get your hands on a copy of the book is the online store.

We also have some exciting things in the works, and it is our hope that soon you will be able to find “The Play’s The Thing” in bookstores and Shakespeare theater gift shops around the country.

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