King Lear

King Lear is having a rough time.

He’s foolishly given control of his kingdom to his two manipulative older daughters and banished his loving younger daughter to France. In order to cope, Lear develops an interest in the outdoors and takes up primitive camping to help him pass the time and clear his head. He also takes pity on his fellow man and befriends a houseless man with mental illness. Then everyone dies.

Our Production of King Lear

This production was, thanks to COVID-19, a bit of a departure from our preferred formula. Instead of a week of rehearsal, we cut the schedule down to one day. We all showed up in the morning, took COVID tests, then rehearsed all day until showtime in the evening.

The performance was in a tiny studio space that provided the perfect intimate and somewhat exclusive atmosphere for this performance — we were able to barely fit 20 audience members in the room along the edges of the playing space.


Pre-Production Photos:

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