King Lear | Script


Our cut of King Lear.

This is a Google Doc with the script content. You will need to make a copy of the document in order to make any edits. Please do not request “edit access”, we will not grant it.

The Doubling Chart for King Lear

Our doubling chart.

This script is for a company of 8 actors.

All characters in the same color are played by the same actor. An X indicates the character is in the scene, an O indicates that the actor is in the scene playing a different character. A blank cell indicates that neither the character nor the actor playing them is in that scene.


We performed this cut on 12/06/2021.

We cut the dukes of Cornwall and Albany and gave most of their lines/actions to Goneril and Regan.

We took more extensive liberties with adapting Lear than we have with other plays. In preparing the cut for a small cast and cutting Albany and Cornwall, we have made significant changes to the characters of Goneril and Regan. For example: they are unmarried from the start of the play and therefore both equally free to pursue Edmund, and are in charge of leading their own military forces in Act V.

We would recommend looking this particular cut over more carefully than our other cuts before choosing to perform it.


Runtime Calculator
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Runtime Calculator

For years, we have successfully used the Kaiser Method for determining the runtime of our script cuts. The text and table below are a resource by Scott Kaiser from OSF called “Estimating The Playing Time of a Shakespearean Text.” Copyright 2004 Estimating the Playing Time of a Shakespearean Text By Scott Kaiser  To estimate the…

Taiko Drum Tutorial
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Taiko Drum Tutorial

Why we loved this taiko drum tutorial: it was cheap to make and used mostly recycled materials. it sounds incredible. the sound in the video doesn’t do it justice, it is very very deep and resonant. sounds epic and adds weight to scenes with minimal effort and investment. can be played by anyone with either…

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