Henry IV | Script

90-Minute Cut of Henry IV (Conflated)

Our cut of Henry IV (conflated)

This is a Google Doc with the script content. You will need to make a copy of the document in order to make any edits. Please do not request “edit access”, we will not grant it.

The Doubling Chart for Henry IV

Our doubling chart.

This cut is for a company of 7 actors

All characters in the same color are played by the same actor. An X indicates the character is in the scene, an O indicates that the actor is in the scene playing a different character.


We have not performed this cut yet.

We cut and conflated a lot of characters, paring the royals and the rebels down to just a couple of leaders and a couple of lieutenants.

The cut is weighted very heavily toward Part 1, taking up about 60-70 of the 90-minute runtime. Part 2 almost serves as an epilogue, the greatest hits of Hal trying on the crown, Lady Percy scolding Northumberland, and the rejection of Falstaff.

We gave the epilogue to Falstaff.

Prop Tutorials

Taiko Drum Tutorial
How To

Taiko Drum Tutorial

Why we loved this taiko drum tutorial: it was cheap to make and used mostly recycled materials. it sounds incredible. the sound in the video doesn’t do it justice, it is very very deep and resonant. sounds epic and adds weight to scenes with minimal effort and investment. can be played by anyone with either…

Paper Crown Tutorial
How To

Paper Crown Tutorial

Why we loved this paper crown craft tutorial: it fits with our minimalist aesthetic while looking better than a cheap plastic crown. it’s more eco-friendly than buying more plastic. it’s cheaper than a proper metal crown which we would then have to find a place to store between shows. it’s customizable. we can make one…

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