Hamlet | Script


Our Cut of Hamlet.

This is a Google Doc with the script content. You will need to make a copy of the document in order to make any edits. Please do not request “edit access”, we will not grant it.


Our doubling chart.

This script is cut for a company of 7 actors.

All characters in the same color are played by the same actor. An X indicates the character is in the scene, an O indicates that the actor is in the scene playing a different character. The only unaccounted for character is the Player King in The Mousetrap play in 3.2. We asked for a volunteer from the audience to play that part with their line written on a cue card.


We performed this cut on 11/25/19.

Our Polonius decided she’d like to be a woman, so Polonius’ pronouns were changed and she became Laertes and Ophelia’s mother instead of father.

We cut 1.1 entirely since Horatio recounts all the action from that to Hamlet later.

We conflated Rosencrantz and Guildenstern into one person.

We cut the second gravedigger.

We cut all mention of Fortinbras.

We asked for a volunteer from the audience to play the Player King in the Mousetrap, so the Player King is not listed in the doubling chart.

Also Available in Portuguese

Thanks to our friend Leo Proganó who did the translation, we are also able to offer this cut in Portuguese!

Personally watching Elsewhere’s cut and then being able to bring it to Lisbon was a gift. The cut proved to be just as effective with a Portuguese ensemble and with a mostly Portuguese audience, getting the essence of the story while still having a blast with such a quick non-stop thriller that Hamlet is.

– Leo Proganó

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